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Digital Marketing Service

At Senior Care Marketing Max, we specialize in guiding home care agencies to the center of their target market’s attention. Our proprietary “Bullseye Method” is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to enhance your online visibility and increase phone calls. Here’s how our services integrate this method:

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is crucial in the home care services industry, where trust and reliability are everything. Our service focuses on setting up and managing your profiles on major review platforms like Google Business Profile and Facebook. We implement a system to encourage and collect reviews from families post-service, ensuring their experiences are heard. Your team responds professionally to all reviews (with our guidance), showing your commitment to feedback and enhancing your reputation in the community.

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Google PPC Ads Management

Our Google PPC Ads Management focuses on making your phone ring with immediate and future service inquiries. We create targeted ad campaigns specifically for home care agencies, optimizing for relevant keywords and locations. Our approach combines sensitivity with effectiveness, ensuring that your ads reach families in immediate need and those considering future arrangements, maximizing your ROI.

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Google Local Service Ads (Local AdVantage)

With our Google Local Service Ads management, we aim to increase calls and interest in home care services. These ads place your home care agency at the top of search results, connecting you with families in your local communities, and you only pay for leads not clicks. We ensure your services are visible and accessible, prompting phone inquiries for both immediate needs and future planning.

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Local SEO

Our Local SEO service enhances your visibility for both immediate needs and home care inquiries. We optimize your online presence to rank highly in local search results, including the high converting map section ensuring families in your community easily find you. By building a strong local reputation, we help make your phone ring with inquiries for both current and future services.

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SEO Organic Search

Our tailored SEO strategies increase visibility for home care services. We focus on creating content that ranks high in search results, driving more organic traffic. This approach helps position your home care agency as the go-to compassionate service provider in your local market, encouraging calls for both immediate needs and future home care planning.

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Social Media Management

In our Social Media Management service, we apply the principles of intent-based branding, focusing on pre-framing, indoctrination, and conversion. We start by shaping the perception of your brand in a way that resonates with families in need of home care products and services, creating content that not only educates and informs but also offers genuine support and understanding.

This creates a bond of trust and reliability with your audience. By nurturing this connection, we prepare them for the next phase where your services are presented as a natural, helpful solution, leading to more phone inquiries and deepened customer relationships.

about Senior Care Marketing Max’s Social Media Management service.

Social Media Ads

Our Social Media Ads service is tailored around the powerful principles of intent-based branding. We begin by establishing a strong, empathetic brand presence on social media platforms, engaging with your audience through content that addresses their needs and concerns. This pre-framing sets the stage for effective indoctrination, where we deepen the bond with your audience by continuously offering value, understanding, and support.

When it’s time for conversion, our ads are designed to feel like a natural progression of this relationship, encouraging calls to your home care agency for services. This approach not only respects the sensitive nature of your industry but also effectively turns social media engagement into tangible business results.

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Website Conversion Optimization

Our Website Conversion Optimization service is key to making your phone ring with potential families. We enhance your website to be a comforting, informative, and user-friendly space, encouraging visitors to take the crucial step of calling for your services. By optimizing your site, we help convert online visitors into phone inquiries and clients, catering to both immediate needs and long-term planning for home care services.

about Senior Care Marketing Max’s Website Conversion Optimization service.

The “Bullseye Method” is not just a strategy; it’s a commitment to connecting home care agencies with the families who need them most. At Senior Care Marketing Max, we ensure that every aspect of your digital marketing is precisely targeted, just like an arrow hitting the bullseye.

If you’re ready to improve your online visibility and make your phone ring, Contact Us today. Let us help you become the first choice for home care services in your community.